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How To Succeed In Business Or Career

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    View author's info ( 18, Female / Sugar Baby | Lawrenceville, GA, USA )

    currently, i am a student. but i would consider myself very successful. i pride myself in school & i have maintained a 4.0 through highschool, until now. i would consider myself a very hardworking and driven person. i work for what i want.

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    View author's info ( 22, Female / Sugar Baby | San Ysidro, CA, USA )

    Still thinking of returning to school. Hmm to be honest not too sure but I love to be successful in anything I do. Some amazing jobs are acquired without a degree so who knows if I'll find something that catches my interest

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    View author's info ( 18, Female / Sugar Baby | Kalispell, MT, USA )

    I am still young and figuring out what profession I am interested in. Currently I work in retail and for the time being I love it. It's not a forever job but I love all the friends I have made along the way.

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    View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | Valrico, FL, USA )

    once we get to know one another, we can talk about the cool things about each other like jobs/occupations. this topic is to be discussed so we don't get bored of each other before we talk to each other (:

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    View author's info ( 21, Female / Sugar Baby | Cardiff, Wales - Glamorgan, GBR )

    Before pandemic started working as a retail assistant. Been to 3 colleges probably more got loads of qualifications, currently still studying but sucks ain't getting paid for that which isn't great. I feel like it's good to succeed in education more then anything in life as you have more experience in more qualifications you do and I want to learn so much while being in college.

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    View author's info ( 51, Male / Sugar Daddy | Houston, TX, USA )

    Through hard work of course, becoming an expert in my field. Good financial advice, and reading lots of books. Financial books, motivational books, solid life books, and always spiritual books. Plus working out to keep the body heathy for the grind of life.

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    View author's info ( 43, Female / Sugar Baby | Perth, Western Australia, Australia )

    A creative artist at heart, always pursuing my passions...its meaningful to me to give back to the community,- therefore many voluntary passion projects,- alongside a current pursuit to kick off a start-up venture.... which has every intention of making this world a brighter place!

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    View author's info ( 49, Male / Sugar Daddy | Springboro, OH, USA )

    I attribute my business success to several things, early recognition, the ability to monetize the idea, and then follow through with the idea, managing risk while positioning for growth combined with old fashion hard work. Recognizing major upcoming shifts in demand or technology adoption before the majority. For instance seeing the upcoming aging of the b*by boomer generation and the demands it would put on the healthcare industry led me to start a healthcare staffing company. Another example was the efficacy of LED lighting led me to start an LED Lighting Company where I could save big businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. Having an idea is great, but figuring out how to position yourself in front in order to generate m&ney, you need to take calculated risks. Too many people today seem to trip over dollars trying to pick up pennies. They are so short term focused on the immediate gratification that they truly leave the big dollars (the long term m&ney) on the table.

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    View author's info ( 22, Female / Sugar Baby | Brighton, CO, USA )

    I am still in the process of receiving my degree however it is taking me longer than most people since I've prioritized work over school. Main reason is due to my lack of funds but I hope through my own hard work and an amazing sugar daddy, I can pursue my dreams and work in my destined career.

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    View author's info ( 22, Female / Sugar Baby | New Haven, CT, USA )

    Ever since the age of 15, I've been watching other people's pets, and I fell in love with it, I continue to work as a pet sitter, but I would like to do something other than pet sitting. I do want to own my own business, but I don't want to share it.

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    View author's info ( 64, Male / Sugar Daddy | Ridge Spring, SC, USA )

    Lots of long hours and classes. I have busted my ass to be where I am, blood, sweat and tears are the best teachers in life. I don't want anything if I cant get it on my own. I have never ask for hand up or hand out.

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    View author's info ( 24, Female / Sugar Baby | Oglesby, IL, USA )

    As of right now I am a part time worker a part of a family owned dog kennel. I work with exotic American bullies and English bulldogs. Also, I am currently enrolled in school at Euphoria Institute of beauty arts & science in Las Vegas. I will be starting school in April

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    View author's info ( 56, Male / Sugar Daddy | Kerwood, ON, CAN )

    Self made man. Never had a resume in my life. People ask me to work for them Very good in what i do. A great mentor to who want to listen. I have help lots of people become great with a job and working ethics

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    View author's info ( 52, Male / Sugar Daddy | Merrimac, WI, USA )

    I have always been a lifelong learner, always interested in learning something new. I continuously take classes, order new books, and search the web for new ideas. I have worked hard with good work ethic.

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    View author's info ( 55, Male / Sugar Daddy | Launceston, Tasmania, Australia )

    unlike DJ Trump my father didn,t provide me with 413 million dollars instead I received a handpainted sky blue VW station wagon. I have never been ambitious , just hard graft , saving and property investments.

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