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How To Succeed In Business Or Career

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    View author's info ( 24, Female / Sugar Baby | Fayetteville, NC, USA )

    By being a woman of purpose, and using my ambition to fuel me. Turning great ideas into successful businesses by creating strategic plans, then all you need is action. There's nothing to it, but to DO IT!

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    View author's info ( 34, Female / Sugar Baby | Morden, England - London, GBR )

    Everything I own is because of my real life struggles from having everything to losing everything then again having everything and losing everything. Having everything now is complete. Pretty much comfortable, I'm not moved by your riches or success definitely not here for what you have, more over here for you and to get to know you and treat you the wey I will like to be treated. Be your help, your peace and happiness, motivate and inspire you. The list goes on ,if you wish to listen the only way is to go on that date

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    View author's info ( 53, Male / Sugar Daddy | Ashbourne, England - Derbyshire, GBR )

    Back in 2001 I started a logistics business along with two other guys. It required a huge amount of effort and determination, which remained constant from the first day we started until the last day of our 3 year contract with our new owners following the sale of our business to a large Canadian Supply Chain company in 2016. By then, we had offices in the UK, Germany and USA, with around 50 staff. The absolute focus was always customer satisfaction, a sales driven business with the emphasis on a high quality operation. My two partners retired, I prefer to work part time as a project manager, enjoying the business but without the stress!

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    View author's info ( 26, Female / Sugar Baby | Needham, MA, USA )

    I have three degrees currently; bachelors in psychology, communications and documentary studies. I am currently working on my masters in communications. I wouldn't be where I am without the foundation of my family and where I grew up.

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    View author's info ( 60, Male / Sugar Daddy | Oakfield, ME, USA )

    The wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.

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    View author's info ( 25, Female / Sugar Baby | Trenton, NJ, USA )

    Alright so basically, I honestly didn't know I was going to be working with special needs kids. I went from job to job because I wasn't happy going to work. So the job I had before I was with a cleaning company. I mean don't get me wrong I love to clean but I just wasn't happy. So I found this company and thought I'll give it a shot you know. So my first job was at a Elementary school I was working with first graders. It was the last 5 days of the school year but I got my foot in the door. So the school year started, they moved me to a different Elementary school, still working with first graders. Towards the middle of the school year that's when I fell involve with my job, just helping these kids made me feel so good about myself. Then I was moved to the high school. I was with a student that needed a 1on1 aide, I had him for the rest of the year and he was a great kid. He got really upset because he wanted me to be with him next school year but they moved me for the last time. So now im working in a transition class, so basically what I do is help my students learn skills that they...  see more >>

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    View author's info ( 51, Male / Sugar Daddy | Berlin, Berlin, Germany )

    Ich bin quasi von Natur aus ein Leader, kann sehr gut mit allen Typen von Menschen umgehen. Habe so auch Karriere gemacht, ohne dass es mir wirklich schwer fiel. Bin ein Macher, gebe jeden Tag alles, will immer noch besser werden.

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    View author's info ( 52, Male / Sugar Daddy | Valdosta, GA, USA )

    You have to "p*y the price" by first preparing for success (6 years of college), then taking a financial risk-a chance added to a lot of hard work and looong hours with a little luck and timing. You will never make "real serious" m&ney working for someone else. All that does is make someone else rich! You have to have a successful business plan, stay focused on your goals, and always have a "just go for it" attitude!

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    View author's info ( 51, Male / Sugar Daddy | Weston Creek, Australian Capital Territory, Australia )

    By taking a calculated risk in setting up my own business. Working hard to grow the company with the right culture, good strategy and governance, excellent quality in service to our many clients and great communications. We continue to grow quickly and I am very proud of how large our company has become and the wonderful people that work with me.

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    View author's info ( 23, Female / Sugar Baby | Bristol, England - Gloucestershire, GBR )

    After recently completing my degree in Musical Theatre I have been able to secure a job as a singer for care homes around the UK. I love my job and hope that I can pursue my career in performing. I have worked abroad in a hotel as entertainment and I have also taken my performance worldwide onboard a luxury cruise liner.

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    View author's info ( 24, Female / Sugar Baby | Denver, CO, USA )

    I haven't achieved it yet but I will in due time, become a nail technician and run my own shop. however, until then, I do have a healthcare administration degree under my belt and extremely proud of it.

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    View author's info ( 36, Female / Sugar Baby | Washington, DC, USA )

    I am an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. I pride myself on exceeding my customer's expectations by giving them a full luxury experience. I believe that to succeed in business and in life you have to have integrity, openness and honesty.

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    View author's info ( 20, Female / Sugar Baby | Houston, TX, USA )

    Currently obtaining my bachelors degree in Neuroscience and Clinical Research. Then I will continue my education towards a masters degree in Pharmaceutical Neurology. I have always been interested in the brain function since I was a little girl.

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    View author's info ( 22, Female / Sugar Baby | Sherbrooke, QC, CAN )

    J'ai un diplme d'tudes professionnelles avec les quids. De plus, je me suis toujours dmarquer en musique grce mes talents de trompettiste. Jaimerai galement appropri mes commaissance en violons

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    View author's info ( 22, Female / Sugar Baby | Albany, NY, USA )

    I personally just make sure to go for what you want. Decide what is the most important and what you're willing to give up to make your goals happen. Don't let anything stop you from making your dreams come true.

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